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Importance of Spaying/Neutering Your Pet

Spaying/Neutering Your Pet

As a pet owner, it’s your choice whether to spay or neuter your pet. This procedure isn’t mandatory; however, it does have benefits for both your pet and your local community. If you live in Toledo or surrounding area, you can bring your pet to Trilby Animal Hospital for a safe, effective spay & neuter surgery. Here are some basic facts you should know about spaying or neutering your pet.

What’s involved in a Spay & Neuter Procedure?

Spaying involves removing your female pet’s ovaries and uterus so she can’t get pregnant and have babies. Neutering is the procedure used to sterilize male animals and involves removing both testicles so they can’t impregnate a female. Both procedures are safe and effective when performed by your Toledo veterinarian.

Health Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

Spay & neuter procedures aren’t just for preventing unwanted pet pregnancies. These procedures offer health benefits to your pet.

When you spay your dog or cat, you reduce her risk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancers to improve her overall health. Neutering your male dog protects him against testicular cancer and makes him less prone to prostate problems.

Spay/neuter procedures also decrease your canine and feline tendency to roam when in heat. Roaming puts your pet at risk of accidental injuries, animal fights, contagious diseases and getting lost. By eliminating roaming behaviors and providing protection against cancers, spay/neuter procedures can give your pet a healthier, longer lifespan.

Impact on Your Local Community

Spay & neuter procedures can have a positive effect on your local community by reducing the population of stray dogs and cats. Many cities have a problem with overpopulation of homeless pets. If animal shelters don’t have the monetary resources or space to keep these pets, they’re forced to euthanize them in order to reduce their numbers. Spaying and neutering surgeries reduce overpopulation to save the lives of pets.

See Your Toledo Veterinarian for Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

To schedule an appointment to spay or neuter your pet, contact Trilby Animal Hospital in Toledo at 419-474-5403 today.

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