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Comprehensive Vet Care

Toledo's Most Comprehensive Vet Care

Trilby Animal Hospital offers full-service veterinarian care for dogs, cats, exotic pets, and pocket pets in Toledo and the surrounding area. Covering a wide range of medical, dental, and surgical services, Trilby Animal Hospital is the leading veterinary clinic in comprehensive vet care for animals large and small. 


Why Comprehensive Care? 

We care about your pet's health, happiness, and longevity. Rather than only treat the urgent and unexpected medical issues that your pet may face, our Toledo veterinarian offers comprehensive exams and preventative care. Through regular wellness checkups, we are able to detect and proactively treat health problems before they turn into bigger issues. 

Trilby Animal Hospital also provides state-of-the-art technology to help provide your pets with leading-edge healthcare. Non-invasive pet laser therapy sometimes allows us to avoid surgical treatment while alleviating your pets’ pain and assist in recovery.

Our orthopedic and soft tissue surgery solutions, when needed, give your pets a better chance of speedy recovery and long term resolution to issues that might otherwise hinder their quality of life.  We even offer dermatology and dental vet care. Our comprehensive approach and training mean we understand the importance of health on every level, from your pets’ ears to their toes. Dental and skin issues are often caused by or can lead to bigger health issues. When a veterinarian solely provides symptomatic care, these larger issues go overlooked. 

Our Toledo veterinarian takes every aspect of your pets’ health into consideration, providing the most complete and comprehensive vet care available. 

The Right Veterinarian for Your Pet

Finding the best vet care can be challenging, which is why at Trilby Animal Hospital, we make the decision easy for Toledo pet owners. We offer comprehensive medical, surgical, and dental care at our Toledo-based clinic, as well as Toledo Humane Society, Planned Pethood, and other local rescue facilities. We truly make your pets’ health our priority. 

Whether you are looking for vaccination for a new pet or comprehensive exams and preventative care for your longtime beloved family pet, we offer the support, professional services, and leading-edge vet care that your pet needs.

Call Our Toledo Veterinarian Today

Call us today to learn more about Trilby Animal Hospital in Toledo and our professional team of vets and techs. Schedule your next wellness checkup for your family dog, cat, exotic pet, or pocket pet.

Not sure if we can serve the needs of your unique pet? Give us a call, and we will gladly help you determine the best way forward for your pet's health and happiness. 


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