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Pet Laser Therapy

Pet Laser Therapy at Trilby Animal Hospital

When your pet hurts, so do you. If your favorite animal is limping around the house, laid up with an injury, or just not doing well due to chronic pain, you may be searching high and low for safe, non-surgical methods of relief. Here at Trilby Animal Hospital in Toledo, we have a high-tech option that may turn out to be just what the veterinarian ordered, an advanced technique known as pet laser therapy.


A Safe, Drug-Free Form of Pet Care

Pet laser therapy is sometimes referred to as "cold" laser therapy. That's because the laser we use to treat chronic pain or injuries operates at a lower frequency range than the high-frequency lasers used to perform surgery. This type of laser passes through your pet's skin painlessly and harmlessly, but the real trick occurs in the tissues underneath. The laser energy activates mitochondria in cells to produce more of a cellular energy source called ATP. This gives the cells an enhanced ability to repair themselves, an invaluable aid to tissue healing. Laser therapy also increases the circulation, drawing away inflammatory waste products and the fluids that cause edema while conveying a comforting sense of warmth to the tissues. This form of pet care is therefore a highly effective means of controlling chronic pain.

Another key advantage of pet laser therapy is its safety as a treatment modality. If your pet suffers from liver disease or is already taking multiple medications, the last thing want to is to risk his health by feeding him painkillers. Laser therapy can serve as a smart alternative to medications for pain management.

How Our Toledo Veterinarian Administers Laser Therapy

Our Toledo veterinarian, Dr. Moore, can determine through a comprehensive exam whether your pet is a good candidate for laser therapy. This technique can be a good choice for the treatment of issues such as nerve damage, fractures, wounds, sprains, strains, and osteoarthritis. Your pet will not have to be shaved or go through any other elaborate preparations. We simply hold the laser emitter over the treatment area while he rests comfortably. Many pets start to feel better after the first treatment session. Repeated or ongoing sessions may be indicated by a vet for severe or chronic problems. Fortunately, there are no worries about scheduling pet laser therapy as frequently as your pet might need it.

Give Your Pet a Higher Quality of Life

Trilby Animal Hospital will be happy to introduce your pet to the healing, soothing benefits of pet laser therapy. Call our Toledo office at 419-474-5403 today to schedule an appointment!

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