Eye Injuries in Pets

Eye injuries, although rarely do they cause permanent damage, can be very scary. An eye injury is scary because people want the best for their pets and want their pain to go away. They're scary for pets for the exact opposite reason, they only know it hurts without understanding what has happened. A person generally needs to see a doctor after an eye injury, although they can evaluate the situation and decide of whether to go to the hospital immediately or wait to go see their regular doctor. Since a pet is unable to describe their eye injury and the pet owner likely isn't capable of diagnosing the extent of the injury, a dog or cat needs to go to an animal hospital or veterinarian immediately for treatment. 


Types of Eye Injuries

The most common eye injuries are scratches or puncture wounds. Such injuries may or may not heal on their own, but it's best to let a veterinarian decide about how to proceed. At the very least, there is going to be a concern for an infection which might lead to permanent blindness in an eye that could have fully recovered with proper care. A few other problems can be much worse such as proptosis, when an eyeball is dislocated from the socket, or when some sort of chemical gets in the pet's eye. Such injuries absolutely need immediate emergency attention, as the injury will not get better on its own but will cause the pet much pain as the condition worsens.

Treatment and Solutions

The first treatment is to flush and sanitize the pet's eye, which might be something you can do at home before going to the animal hospital, but remember the wound still needs to be evaluated by a veterinarian. The pet may require surgery or may need to be sedated for several days to prevent further injury. Eye patches don't really work well with pets but might be necessary depending on what the vet determines to be the best course of action, or the pet may need to be kenneled for further observation.

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For any routine veterinary care or should you need emergency care such as for an eye injury, give us a call at Trilby Animal Hospital in Toledo, OH. You'll find all our staff members to be courteous and professional, and understanding of your concerns for your pet. We're animal lovers ourselves, you can rest assured we'll take the best possible care of your pet while she's with us, and our veterinarians will see to it the animal has as comfortable and speedy a recovery as humanly possible.

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