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Pet Ear infections

Everything You May Not Have Known about Pet Ear Infections

Our furry friends depend on our caring touch to live long, happy lives. In exchange, they give us never-ending love and loyalty. When your pets get ear infections, it is up to you to detect the symptoms of this sickness and seek treatment. In Toledo, pet lovers depend on Trilby Animal Hospital for their veterinary needs. Before you seek treatment, you need to know the signs and how to respond.


Recognizing the Signs of Pet Ear Infections

As much as it sometimes seems our pets can read our minds, they can't talk. That means owners have to learn to read the behaviors of their friends, so they can help. One sure sign of animal discomfort is scratching and rubbing of the area. Watch for signs of your dogs or cats scratching and rubbing their ears persistently or shaking their heads repeatedly.

If you check your pet’s ear canal, you may see discoloration or swelling.

Caring for Your Pet’s Ear Infection

There are two basic steps to treating an ear infection. Cleaning the ears and providing medication. Trust your animal doctor to properly clean your pet's ears initially. The vet may provide further instructions to help you keep your pets’ ears clean.

After your pets’ ears are clean and dry, medication is usually applied in drop or cream form. Although medication is available in stores, leave the diagnosis process to professionals. Even if you accurately identify the cause, you could miss related health issues. Infections are often complicated by other issues that should be discovered as early as possible.

Why You Need Professional Veterinary Care

In today's Internet age, many people believe it is easy to do a little research and treat pets at home. However, there are some reasons to seek professional care.

  • First, your research will indicate that you need to clean the ear. However, infections are caused by a number of different microorganisms. Improper cleaning can actually spread the infection further.
  • Secondly, infections can be caused by bacteria, fungus, or ear mites. Improperly identifying the cause will lead to ineffective treatment.

Contact Us Today to Help Your Pet Heal

The longer your pet goes without proper treatment, the worse the infection can get. In Toledo, trust our veterinary experts at Trilby Animal Hospital. Contact us today to make an appointment. We will get your pet back to health in no time.


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