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Pet Toxicity

Treatment for Pet Poison Ingestion at Trilby Animal Hospital

Curious pets are known to get into anything and everything, causing both annoyance and occasional amusement in owners. If your favorite animal consumes something toxic, however, you are looking at a genuine pet emergency. The good news is that you can rely on our skilled Toledo veterinarian at Trilby Animal Hospital to provide that emergency care quickly and efficiently. 


Common Substances That Can Poison Your Pet

A variety of common items in the typical Toledo household can have toxic effects on animals. Most obviously, chemicals that would poison a human, such as household cleaners and automotive fluids, can also poison a pet.

While you would not come into contact with a puddle of antifreeze on the garage floor, your pet might be attracted to it by its sweet odor. Similarly, animals do not understand the dangers of the medications you might leave out on your bathroom counter. You can go a long way toward removing these dangers simply by keeping such substances cleaned up and shut behind sealed doors.

Other pet toxins might be less apparent to humans. For example, many of the foods we safely enjoy can have toxic effects on pets, including onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, coffee, and chocolate. Some animals can also be poisoned by the common non-sugar sweetener known as xylitol. You should make a point of keeping your kitchen counters free of such items whenever you are not actually in the kitchen preparing meals.

Even your garden can pose a threat to your pets. In addition to chemical dangers such as pesticides, certain flowers such as azaleas, lilies, daffodils, and dieffenbachia can poison animals who happen to nibble on them.

Pet Emergency Care at Our Animal Hospital

Signs of poison ingestion include diarrhea, vomiting, agitation, disorientation, breathing difficulties, heart irregularities, and loss of consciousness. If your pet shows any of these symptoms, try to determine what he may have ingested and call us with that information immediately. We can provide advice on any first aid you might need to perform and prepare our pet emergency care facility for your arrival. Do not induce vomiting unless we instruct you to do so -- certain poisons can cause even more damage as they come back up.

Our veterinarian, Dr. Moore, will evaluate your pet and administer the appropriate emergency treatment. In some cases, we may give drugs to induce vomiting; in others, we may administer products that render the poison inert. We will also make every effort to restore your pet's vital signs to normal.

Contact Our Toledo Veterinarian

Do not be caught unprepared during an episode of pet poisoning. Call our Toledo veterinarian at 419-474-5403!

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