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Animal Hospital Services

Services Offered by Trilby Animal Hospital

You want to make sure that your pet receives the very best in professional care when it comes to their health. In order to accomplish this, you will want to find a veterinarian that you can trust. Trilby Animal Hospital in Toledo, OH, has the right resources available to help your pet achieve optimal health. Let's take a look at some of the veterinary services that we provide for your pet.

Services Offered by Trilby Animal Hospital

Comprehensive Exams and Preventive Care

Regular exams can help your veterinarian determine if there is anything wrong with your pet. This will help us catch any potential health problems before they become bigger ones. Our preventive care programs are some of the best in town as well. We take proactive action to stop a health problem in its tracks for your pets.


Your pets may require surgery at some point or another in their lives. Your pets are handled with the utmost care during surgery to receive the care that they need. We also provide spay and neuter services to help prevent your animals from exhibiting unwanted behavior and eliminating the possibility of unwanted reproduction.


All animals require vaccinations at some point in their lives. Whether they are puppies and kittens or senior pets, vaccinations will give your pets’ bodies a fighting chance against deadly viruses. We provide standard vaccinations and more depending on your pets’ health situation.

Pet Illness and Urgent Care

Sometimes our pets can become rapidly ill without us knowing why. We provide urgent care services that can help your pet in the event that they become sick or injured. Our team is standing by to help your pet recover from whatever is causing them discomfort and pain.


Keeping your pets’ teeth healthy is crucial to helping them stay healthy. They are prone to dozens of diseases that can develop due to the bacteria breeding in their mouths. We professionally clean your pets’ teeth and provide you with the resources to keep their teeth clean outside of the vet office.

More Services

Here are some other services we also provide for our patients:

        • Puppy and kitten care
        • Exotic pet and pocket pet care
        • Pet laser therapy
        • Pet wellness consultations

Let the Veterinary Experts Help You

Is your pet in need of veterinary services to keep them healthy? Trilby Animal Hospital in Toledo, OH, has the right resources available to keep your pet healthy. Our list of professional services will help return your pet to optimal health regardless of age. Give us a call today at (419) 474-5403 to schedule your professional appointment and take your pets’ health in the right direction. 

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