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Pet Wellness Exam

Your pet will need to see a veterinarian for routine pet exams and care for all of your pet needs. If you are anywhere in the Toledo area, come see us at Trilby Animal Hospital for your pet's wellness exam. We have a staff of veterinary professionals who love animals as much as you do. Let us become your partners in providing your pet the medical care it needs.

Pet Wellness Exams

What Is a Wellness Exam?

While some may refer to a wellness exam as preventative care, this exam is only one part of preventing illness in your pet. Part of a comprehensive vet care program, a routine exam looks at your pet's overall health and identifies any changes that could indicate a growing concern.

Why Your Pet Needs Regular Vet Care

All pets are different, but regardless of whether you have a cat, dog, or pocket pet, your companion animal needs regular checkups with our veterinarians. Animals often disguise their symptoms when they feel ill and you may not know if your pet is sick until it's too late. Wellness checks can spot diseases and conditions while they are still treatable and before your pet shows any obvious symptoms.

Regular exams also give you the chance to discuss with our vets about any concerns you may have. Our vets can give you tips on keeping your pet healthy through life changes. For instance, aging pets will need changes to their diet and environment to prevent problems with them. Sometimes you may not be aware of them unless you take your pet for regular checkups.

How Often Should Your Pet Get a Wellness Exam? The same way people need exams at least once a year, so do pets. However, if you have a young or old animal, our veterinarians may recommend twice a year visits. Pets with chronic conditions may require even more checkups to monitor their illnesses.

Make an Appointment with Us Today

If you want to keep your pet healthy and happy, you need to provide it with regular vet care throughout its life. At Trilby Animal Hospital, we have a caring staff who want all animals to have happy, long lives. Make your appointment with us by contacting our Toledo office by phone at 419-474-5403. You can also reach us online. If you have any questions about our veterinarians, the practice, or wellness exams for your pet, let us know. We're here to help you get the best care for your pet, whether your cat or dog needs preventative care or treatment.

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