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Heartworm & Flea

Heartworm and Flea Treatment Provided by Our Toledo Veterinarian

Heartworms are primarily an issue that affects dogs, but cats aren't immune to these parasites. Fleas, on the other hand, are a problem that could plague both cats and dogs easily. That's why at Trilby Animal Hospital, we offer treatment for both. We strongly advise that pet owners take the necessary steps to prevent fleas and heartworms from occurring. 



The treatment for fleas may include a topical, oral, or medicated shampoo to target the fleas. We'll send home a treatment for your pet that's of higher quality and strength than what you can purchase in stores. We realize that we can't treat the flea outbreak if you still have an active infestation in your home. Your pet could need to be dewormed since a flea infection could lead to digestive worms, particularly tapeworms. Heartworm treatment should also be part of your pet's entire treatment process since fleas can transmit heartworms. 

For heartworms, the treatment differs based on the severity of the parasitic infection. In the less serious cases, injectable medications and lifestyle changes are enough to eliminate the heartworms over a few weeks to months. A majority of minor cases can be treated with few issues occurring. In more serious cases, your pet may require surgery to remove the worms physically. We can ensure that your pet is well protected from any parasites that can harm his or her health.  

Flea and Tick Prevention

When you bring in your pet for a routine appointment or vaccinations, you should discuss with our veterinarian preventative care for fleas as well as heartworm prevention. Fleas and heartworms can take a toll on your pet's health and lead to certain unwanted complications that are more difficult to treat. 

We offer heartworm prevention that we strongly recommend for dogs and cats. There is no known safe and effective treatment for cats, so prevention is the only way to keep your feline safe. For either species, we offer chews, injections, or topicals that can prevent heartworm. We'll discuss your options, the price, safety, and effectiveness of prevention options to help you decide. 

Heartworm prevention is like vaccinations. It serves the purpose of prevention. For most pets, it's the wisest course of action to keep him or her healthy, happy, and with your family for years to come. 

Contact Our Animal Hospital for Preventative Care from Our Toledo Veterinarian

At your pet's next wellness exam, we can discuss heartworm and flea treatment or prevention to keep him or her safe and healthy. Our team at Trilby Animal Hospital is committed to providing pets quality care when they need it most. To schedule your pet's next exam, contact our Toledo office at 419-474-5403. Learn more about how we can help your pet live disease-free. 

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