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Dermatology FAQs

Trilby Animal Hospital Offer Dermatology Care for Pets

Pets sometimes develop skin problems that require treatment to prevent them from worsening. Skin allergies, rashes and hair loss can create ongoing health issues that make pets uncomfortable and unsightly. At Trilby Animal Hospital in Toledo, OH, we can help with pet dermatology problems and can find the right treatment for your pet’s needs.

What Causes Rashes in Pets?

The animal may have been in contact with outdoor plants that exude irritating fluids. Contact with household cleaners can cause irritation to the skin. Certain fabrics used in indoor furnishings can cause skin reactions. Insect bites may cause a rash. Products you use to groom your pet may have ingredients that are too harsh for some animals’ skin.

Can Allergies Affect My Pets Skin?

Many animals have allergic reactions that show up as skin eruptions or rash. Grass, pollen, weeds or foods can be the cause of the problem. Your vet can help find the underlying cause and can treat the skin problem.

Why Is My Pet Losing Hair?

Hair loss is a common problem in pets. This is more than just normal shedding. You may notice patches of hairless skin that weren’t there before. Infection, allergies or an injury can be the underlying cause.

My Pet Sheds Excessively. Is This A Skin Problem?

Many types of pets shed naturally, but when it begins to excessive, you should visit your veterinarian to find the cause. It could be an allergy, mites, a skin infection or an underlying disease that is causing the reaction.

What Is A Lick Granuloma?

A lick granuloma is a toughened area of skin that develops from an animal licking itself constantly. Sometimes, the area is an open wound that spreads across the skin. An allergy or injury can cause the initial irritation that starts the licking. These wounds can be difficult to treat, but a number of medications and procedures are available to help this problem.

How Can I Keep My Pet’s Skin Healthy?

Periodic bathing as part of your normal pet care helps to remove dirt and bacteria from the skin, but don’t bathe too often, to avoid removing natural oils your pet needs for a healthy coat and skin. If you notice a problem on your pet’s skin, make an appointment with your Toledo vet to receive appropriate treatment.

Make Trilby Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian for Pet Dermatology

Dr. Moore and the staff at Trilby Animal Hospital are committed to providing quality veterinary care for all their patients in Toledo, OH and surrounding areas. We offer a broad range of services for pets, including examinations, vaccinations, dental care, diagnostics, surgery, and orthopedic care. You can call Trilby Animal Hospital for a pet care appointment regarding skin allergies at 419-474-5403.

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