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Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppy and Kitten Care at Trilby Animal Hospital in Toledo

Bringing home a new puppy or kitten is a major milestone and adjustment for your family. It's important to start their lives with you off on the right foot by getting them into Trilby Animal Hospital for a puppy and kitten pet wellness visit. These preventative care visits and examinations allow our Toledo veterinarians to evaluate and assess the health of your newest addition, while also providing you the information you need in order to be a responsible and successful pet parent.

What Toledo Patients Can Expect at a Trilby Animal Hospital Puppy and Kitten Care Visit

At your first visit with your new pet, the veterinarian will take the time to do a complete and thorough examination. Note that these exams may take longer than a normal pet examination, because the doctor has to get an accurate idea of your tiny new animal's health. During this exam, the veterinarian will listen to your pet's heart rate as well as examine their ears, eyes, mouth and skin. Your new puppy or kitten will receive any starter vaccinations that it needs. We highly recommend that all Toledo pet owners get the necessary vaccinations for their pets, as it keeps the animals healthy as well as protects the general pet population in the area.

Various tests will be performed at this appointment. Regardless of whether you have a new puppy or a new kitten, it's important to bring in a fresh stool sample in order for the staff members at Trilby Animal Hospital to complete a fecal test. The stool should be less than six hours old. A new kitten may be tested for feline leukemia and a new puppy will receive the proper heartworm prevention materials.

Once the exam and the tests are complete, the veterinarian will talk with you about caring for your new puppy or kitten. The veterinarians at Trilby Animal Hospital want to make sure all new pet parents take the time to educate themselves about their latest furry addition. Topics that are often discussed at this appointment include proper nutrition, dieting tips and food recommendations as well as behavioral expectations, training your pet and helping them socialize with other animals. As proponents of animal population control, our veterinarians will also provide you with the information you need about spaying and neutering your new puppy or kitten.

Before you leave your puppy and kitten wellness appointment, you will have the opportunity to ask the veterinarian and other staff members any questions you might have about caring for your new pet. Recognize that the staff at the animal hospital is available for any questions you might have, even once you are home and getting settled with your new pet. We know that bringing home a new puppy or kitten is exciting, challenging and even a little bit scary. We are here to walk you through this process and adjustment, and help you give your new pet a wonderful life.


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