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Toledo Veterinarian Treats Dogs, Cats, Exotic and Pocket Pets at Trilby Animal Hospital

Like humans, pets have comprehensive health needs. They need more than just a yearly check-up. That is why we offer a complete list of veterinary services that encompasses all of dogs cats exotic and pocket petsyour beloved pets' medical needs and more. At Trilby Animal Hospital, we diagnose, treat and prevent disease and other health problems to keep your pet in peak condition. Trilby Animal Hospital veterinarian is experienced in pet orthopedics, pet dental services and pet dermatology in addition to other traditional veterinary services.

In addition to dogs and cats, we also welcome exotic and pocket pets. It is often difficult for pet owners to find a veterinarian that will see exotic and pocket pets due to the complex nature of their health needs. We, on the other hand, have more than 50 years of experience treating all pets - regardless of size or breed.

Pet Surgery, Pet Orthopedics, Pet Dental and a List of Other Services Available to Toledo Pet Owners

Our services start with basic preventive health care, in which we will see your pet routinely for a physical examination and updated vaccinations. We can also inspect and treat intestinal parasites, which are common in all pets. Depending on your pet's age, we may also recommend preventive action against heartworms. Additionally, our pet spay and neuter services are gentle and comfortable. We know that if you take advantage of our pet spay and neuter services, you expect a relaxed experience and a fast recovery with as little pain for your pet as possible.

Beyond preventive care, we also offer pet surgery. Our pet surgery procedures include orthopedic surgery to correct joint and bone disorders. Pet orthopedics is especially important to aging pets who are more prone to developing complications in the joints, such as arthritis. We also perform soft tissue pet surgery when necessary. Occasionally, pets need an emergency operation that cannot wait for an appointment. For that reason, we accept pet emergency walk-ins any time we are open during regular business hours.

Like humans, pets can develop skin disorders, rashes and other maladies. Our veterinarian understands the importance of pet dermatology. Dogs and cats are susceptible to hundreds of skin diseases, and a veterinary clinic experienced in pet dermatology is capable of identifying and prescribing the right treatment to eliminate skin complications. Veterinarians who provide pet dermatology services can also identify whether or not skin conditions are related to environmental triggers.

Our Toledo animal hospital is also your go-to spot for pet dental services. The majority of animals develop periodontal or other oral disease at some time in life. Our clinic can recognize pet dental complications, such as tooth decay and gum disease and teach pet owners how to properly clean the teeth and recognize the symptoms of mouth diseases. Our pet dental services also include yearly teeth cleanings to eliminate plaque build-up.

Whether you are visiting us for a check-up or bringing your animal in for major pet surgery, we vow to always treat your animal as our own. We hope to see you soon!

Welcome to Trilby Animal Hospital! We are located in Toledo, and we are
a full-service animal hospital, offering medical, surgical, and dental
veterinary care. Our mission is to provide the highest level of veterinary
care for your pets in a friendly environment. Our friendly and courteous
staff would love a chance to meet you and to take care of your pet.

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