Pet Emergency

What Is a Pet Emergency?

Just like people, sometimes pets have health emergencies that may arise.  This could be a physical injury or a disease.  Also, similar to people, it is imperative that your pet comes to the emergency vet to be evaluated and treated immediately.  An emergency for a pet can be anything from a prominent injury to a limb or the body, excessive vomiting or diarrhea, a lack of responsiveness, or if your pet has ingested a foreign matter or poisonous material.  Emergency medicine for your pet can mean the difference between life and death. 


Common Pet Emergencies

Pets often come to the veterinarian for an emergency injury.  This can be a broken limb or a torn soft tissue.  Injuries can occur from rough play, or from a heavy impact, such as an automobile accident.  Further, pets commonly have diseases that must be treated immediately.  Heatstroke is a common pet emergency that requires medical attention to bring down the animal's body temperature before permanent damage to other systems and organs is sustained.  Various poisonings, ranging from ingesting a poisonous material to snake bites are commonplace in a pet emergency room.  Often, emergency procedures are necessary to counteract the poison or pump the stomach to remove poisonous toxins.  Lastly, if your pet has ingested a foreign matter which has become lodged in the airway, stomach, or intestines, emergency surgery may be necessary to remove the object.

What To Expect

Any time your pet comes to the emergency room the medical staff will work to get the pet's baseline vitals.  They will commonly check the pet's heart rate, temperature, and run a blood diagnostic panel.  Depending on the reason for the visit, a veterinarian may order diagnostic X-rays to locate the position of a fracture or foreign object.  The medical team will work to treat your pet, and following successful medical treatment, will go over proper aftercare for your pet.  This can be anything from a course of medication to detailed physical therapy.  You may be required to come in for a follow-up visit to check the progress and healing of your pet.

Any time your pet has an emergency, it can be a scary time.  The team at Trilby Animal Hospital is here to help.  We believe that education for the pet parent is just as important as the emergency service we are providing.  We want you to understand exactly what is happening so that you can ease your mind and worries.  At Trilby Animal Hospital, based out of Toledo, we are able to handle a range of medical emergencies for your pet.  If you have an emergency or would like to visit for a routine health check, call us today at 419-474-5403.

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